Friday, August 19, 2011

Bad people have no place on this planet...

I've decided that bad people have no place on this planet.  Ok, I realize that most everyone would say that this is about the most 'well duh' statement I've ever made but I really mean it. 

As I had mentioned on the last post, I was planning on running 25 miles last Saturday and I was set.  New supplements.  New gaiters.  Vespa to try.  Ready to go.  I headed to the park at 5:45 a.m., made a quick stop at the gas station to pick up some bug spray (I really hate gnats), paid the $3 to get in, and drove up to the North Trail head. Funny enough, we hadn't planned it but David and I managed to arrive at the exact same time. We got out, talked for a bit as we got ready, and then headed out on the run.

We ran to the White Trail and up the White Trail hill together but David went back down to do his insane hill repeats (3/4 mile climb up an 800ft ascent x 5 times...holy cow) as I continued on the white trail.  I could tell immediately that my legs were heavy.  I ran a fairly quick 9 mile run on Thursday morning and I think I was still very sore.  The first 12.5 mile loop was ok.  Nothing too bad or too good.  As I arrived back at the car to replenish water, electrolytes, etc...., David was back as well.  We talked for a few minutes and then headed back out.  He went up the Blue Trail and I went back on the white.  About a mile in, I just mentally crashed.  My legs were hurting and the additional 10lbs of replenished water weight on my back just killed my enthusiasm for another 12.5 mile run.  That, and the heat again was unbearable.   I packed it in and headed back to the car.

As I was leaving the park, I thought about going to the store and getting some meat to grill on my Big Green Egg so I headed to our local market.  When I parked the car, I opened my center console and my wallet and $37 was missing.  After a few minutes of searching, I thought maybe it dropped out back at Oak Mountain so I headed back quickly.  Unfortunately, it wasn't there and then I realized that there was no way both the cash that was loose and the wallet 'fell out'.  I phoned the state park police and filed a report.  I then called the first of my credit cards.  Wow.  There was a $1089 charge on my MasterCard at Best Buy.  I immediately called the other cards and shut them down.  When I arrived back at the house, I called Amex to see if anyone had tried to use that card after it was closed and low and behold, someone went to Home Depot and tried to buy $1000 worth of stuff there.

Long story short, I apparently left my car unlocked somehow and there were campers there that broke in a stole it.  More specifically, a middle aged heavy set white woman. I know this because I've seen her on the surveillance tapes as she used my card.   The anger someone has inside of them watching someone else use their stolen card to purchase a Sony TV, a Sony PS3 and games is astonishing.  If I could have found that woman at that moment, I would have turned into one of those bad people myself.  To answer your question:  No.  The clerks at the stores did not ask for ID.  Amazing.  $1000 purchases and they never asked for ID.  They haven't caught her yet but they're pretty sure they know who it is.  Just building a case now.  Keep your fingers crossed.

So, I'm heading back out tomorrow morning for another attempt at the 25 mile double loop.  Keep your fingers crossed that I complete it and no decides to take what's not theirs again.  BTW, I never realized any benefit from the $6 per packet of Vespa.  Hmmm.

Bad people really have no place on this planet...

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