Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time to get back at it...

So, here we are. It's been about 6 weeks since the Pine Mountain 50 and I haven't posted a race recap. I haven't posted anything at all. I think it's probably due to the overwhelming sense of failure that I've lived with since the race. I wanted so bad to finish that race but didn't. It was either due to poor training or, what I've been telling everyone, a severe ankle sprain at mile 13 combined with my right knee feeling like Freddy Kruger was preforming a deep tissue massage on my knee as I was running. (Truth be told, it was probably both).

I had to bail at mile 28. It was tough but I knew I couldn't go any further. My two sons and wife were waiting there at the aid station and all of them were absolutely wonderful and encouraging. "You can continue. Sit down, eat something, and just head to the next aid. Don't think about the total distance, just make it to the next aid station." Problem was, I had quit in my mind about 4 miles prior and I was too far gone mentally to get it back. My response, "All I want is a beer." So that's what we did. We loaded in the Tahoe and headed to the nearest restaurant that had beer. I had several. I guess I was trying to drink out that voice that was whispering in my ear, "you're a quitter." I don't think I was too successful.

Immediately following the race, I stopped running for two weeks to give my knees and ankle some time to heal but unfortunately when I went out for the very next run, with each step, I endured a shooting pain so I broke down and set an appointment with Dr. Andrews, the world famous sports doc here in B-Ham. After the MRI, I was told my knee was essentially deformed, or more specifically, my knee cap didn't rotate correctly.  (I prefer to say it's deformed.  Makes it much more dramatic) 

My knee cap apparently shifts too far to the outside as my knee bends which pinches the 'fat cap' under the knee cap. The Dr. prescribed PT so that's what I've been doing since. Go in, let them zap the knee and ankle with electric, freeze it with ice, deep tissue massage the IT Band till I scream, and then wrap my kneecap with what feels like super glue tape so it doesn't shift too terribly to the outside as I run. All in all, the therapy is helping. I twisted the ankle again on a trail run about 3 weeks ago and it was worse than before but I think I'll always deal with a weak ankle from now on. Just have to be more careful. 

So, there's your catch-up. I'm sure there was a bit more that's happened since then but I'm giving you the abridged version.   You're welcome. So where am I now? I'm deciding on what the next race will be. I'm fairly convinced I'll do the Mt. Cheaha 50K at the end of Feb and then prepare for my first 100 in either May or June. There are a few out there that I've got my eyes on. I've hired a trainer and I don't think I could have hired a better one. The greatest 100 mile racer in history. Karl Meltzer. If anyone can get me ready for a 100, it's him. 32 - 100 mile wins. Yes. 32. Ridonkulous. I'm pretty super stoked to have SpeedGoat Karl as my trainer but it's not like he's my high school buddy or anything. It's similar to when Dave Matthews, in his Live at Radio City concert, discussed about going and seeing one of the oldest and most secretive tribes on the planet, the Khoisan Tribe: "I knew someone who knew someone who knew we had a big check." Lucky for me, Karl doesn't require a 'big' check, just a check.

To end this never ending blog that no one even reads, I thought that instead of making some silly New Year's Resolution about how I'm going to run more, eat better, and most importantly, work to be a better father and husband, how 'bout I just do what I know I need to do...

See you on the trails. 
I'm Ripple Running!