Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Week Down

Let me start by simply saying that I'm not a writer nor do I profess to be.  I've started this blog to keep me in line with my training.   More than likely, no one will even read this so no critiques.  Even from myself.....

Here we go.

Well, I'm one week into my 18 week training program for the North Face Endurance 50 Mile Challenge in Atlanta on October 15th.  As you might know, I'm running this for two reasons.  One, to run an ultra and two, to raise money for the tornado victims in Alabama.  I thought if I did that then it'd be much harder for me to not follow through with the training program.  So, here we go.
Last week was fairly good with the training.    Not much to speak of until Saturday morning.  Did 9 miles, with a slow pace.  Sunday morning, woke  up, drove down to Oak Mountain, and was planning on doing about 3 hours.
Without knowing any better, decided to run the yellow trail and then circle back around on the red trail.  Well, I learned very quickly that the first 3 miles of the yellow trail isn't really made for running, at least not consistently.  Wow.  Very up and down.  I used almost all of my energy on that first small piece of the run.
By the time I made it to the red trail to circle back, I was fairly exhausted but I plugged on.  I made it back to the car at 3:37 hrs.  Not 100% sure how far I ran but I'm estimating about 16 miles.  This is just shy of a 14 min per mile pace.  Too slow.  By the time the race gets here, I need to be able to do that in 12 or less.  I'm not too concerned though. 

The biggest focus right now is my diet.  I need to stay fueled for my runs but I can't eat so much as I gain weight.  I really need to loose another 15 pounds by mid August.  That will take so much more stress off the knees and toes.  I figure my calorie intake needs to be at around 2600-2800 per day.  That will put me on pace to loose between a pound and two pounds per week with the amount I'm running.  I've cut out the Ketel except for maybe one on Sunday and Thursday's because my off days are Monday and Friday.  Need to stay hydrated. 

This morning, I started speed work with a 6 mile run.  1 mile slow, 1 mile at 10K pace and repeat three times.  Problem is, I did my interval at more of a 3K pace.  Ran way to fast.  I really need to learn how to make subtle changes in my speed and realize that it makes a big enough difference.  I also need to work on my stride. It's too short right now so that will also be a focus on the upcoming runs.

Anyways, time to get to work.